Constructive Change

May 03 2015

Everyone makes decisions from their particular level of consciousness. When others choices don’t seem ethical, loving or conscious, blaming and shaming them is not likely to bring them around to your perspective. It just lowers your energy and radiates more negativity into the world. When you’re coming from a judgmental reaction rather than deeper understanding, efforts to bring change rarely work. If their behavior directly affects you and you can do something about it, do it with love and compassion. Otherwise, go within and discover the root of your strong reaction. Use it to evolve…

Your consciousness.

Jarl and Steve

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Try Loving What Is

May 02 2015

Your thoughts and feelings create a quality of energy that attracts certain people and experiences into your life. If you keep your mind on stuff you’re angry about or objecting to, your filter will ensure that you look for experiences that reinforce that basic outlook. This results in a belief that life is preponderantly negative. If you have a habit of appreciating what’s happening in this moment, you’ll become increasingly adept at noticing things that delight you. Since your focus creates your experience of life, doesn’t it make sense to practice…

Loving what is?

Jarl and Steve



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Negativity Reinforces Ego

May 01 2015

Nothing strengthens your egoic sense of identity like a good fight. Being ‘against’ something makes you feel different and special and gives meaning and purpose to your actions. But having rigid positions separates you from others and prevents collaboration. A much healthier alternative is to look for what’s working, what’s right, what you have in common, what lessons you can learn, how you can be of service and how everyone can win. Don’t develop allergies…

Create synergies.

Jarl and Steve

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Yin, Yang and You

Apr 30 2015

The yin yang symbol is a visual guide that elegantly portrays the nature of reality. The outer rim represents the ultimate oneness of everything. The opposing sides each contain within them an element of their opposite, suggesting that nothing is completely one-sided. The separation between the two sides isn’t a straight demarcation, but instead a squiggly line that shows the changing and relative nature of everything. Where you place your attention determines how you experience life. Do you primarily see it as good, bad or balanced? Realizing that the play of opposites constantly seeks equilibrium is…


Jarl and Steve

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Negativity Is a Bummer

Apr 29 2015

Criticizing feels good to the ego. It loves to think of itself as discerning and informed. Though innocuous in small doses, indulging in negativity has serious and harmful side effects. It traps you in an endless game of comparison. Sometimes you think you’re better than others, sometimes worse. It reinforces your small self and increases your sense of separation. It saps your enthusiasm and prevents the discovery of creative solutions. The alternative is to get present and strengthen the connection to your authentic self by…

Loving what is.

Jarl and Steve

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Don’t Fight, Go Deeper

Apr 28 2015

Whatever you focus your attention on creates a relationship with it. It doesn’t matter what aspect of life, your approach determines the quality of your experience and influences the outcome. If you want to improve a relationship, your career or health, stop resisting. Everything you experience has a vein of gold just waiting for you to discover. Fighting with what’s ‘wrong’ won’t help you find it. You move through difficulties most effectively by going deep enough to discover the lesson. To find it…

You gotta dig deeper.

Steve and Jarl

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Supposed to Be

Apr 27 2015

Imagine if you could believe that everything happens just the way it should for the highest good to unfold. You probably wouldn’t regret or blame yourself or others for what is. You wouldn’t spend your time or mental capacity bemoaning how bad things are. Instead, you’d use your energy to creatively collaborate. You’d consistently look for silver linings, knowing that they’re there to be found. You’d understand that sometimes, in order for energy to go in a different direction, things have to hit rock bottom. And that would be okay, because…

An angel lives down there.

Jarl and Steve

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Life Is Not Against You

Apr 26 2015

If you view the world as a threatening place, it will be. You’ll see people, situations and calamities all around you. You’ll feel on your guard, anxious and suspicious. You’ll be reluctant to engage in friendly conversation, less willing to meet strangers and far less likely to experience serendipity that could positively impact your moments, days and even your life. It’s always a good idea to exercise discernment, but when you live by the premise that people are fundamentally good, your experience will…

Prove it to be true.

Jarl and Steve

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Kindness with Integrity

Apr 25 2015

Being helpful to others while staying true to yourself can be a balancing act. The key is to be clear about your own boundaries and real motivation for offering assistance. Trying to please them so they’ll like you is different from doing something because you truly feel like helping. Understanding your reasons for acting allows you to remain in your integrity when requests are uncomfortable, inappropriate or even unhealthy. Staying true to yourself is the best way to give without feeling resentful, making others wrong or acting against your better judgment.

Balance through clarity.

Jarl and Steve

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Balance Is Best

Apr 24 2015

Investors who put all their money in one place aren’t diversified and risk total loss. People who rely on only one source for all their information have voluntary blinders on and a biased view. Athletes who build muscles and abilities in a narrow range of activity are subject to injury. All these different scenarios seem to suggest a healthy approach to life: be balanced, don’t put all your eggs in one basket, don’t believe everything you hear (or think you know) and remember that variety…

Is the spice of life.

Jarl and Steve

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Nothing to Prove

Apr 23 2015

Whether you fair better or worse, comparing yourself to others eventually leaves you feeling unempowered.  That’s because your essential worth has nothing to do with how talented, skilled, savvy or wealthy you are. Your value is intrinsic and requires no hoop-jumping, hamster wheel running or further proof. The less you focus on what you do and the more on who you are, the better you feel. Just like a wave, you are innately greater than your current expression. Identifying as the whole ocean puts the wave in perspective, illustrating both it’s humbleness and…


Jarl and Steve

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The Sting of Projections

Apr 22 2015

No one else has the power to push our buttons. When we have a negative reaction, some one or some thing is just the catalyst, not the cause. Whatever has been said or done that felt bad simply activated our own self-judgment. We might not like the particular expression or behavior, but if it didn’t touch a chord already playing in us, it wouldn’t sting. The more we unconditionally love and accept ourselves, the less we project our disowned and unconscious feelings onto others. With this self-awareness, we project less, blame less and…

Harmonize more.

Jarl and Steve

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The One Centimeter Rule

Apr 21 2015

Needlessly bombarding yourself with imbalanced negativity is not a criteria for being a “responsibly informed’ citizen. Focusing on news that continuously activates fear, frustration or anger lowers your vibration and is a recipe for discontent. You can never really know what’s going on ‘out there’. When something is more than one centimeter away and has little to do with you, don’t pollute your energy by stewing over it. The best way to help the world is to work on…

Your self.

Jarl and Steve


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What Really Matters?

Apr 20 2015

What truly brings meaning to your life and warms your heart probably isn’t your accomplishments or the money in your bank account. Yet so many of us expend the bulk of our mental and physical energy dealing with unimportant details that don’t necessarily feel good or help us connect with others. It’s worth taking the time to contemplate what deeply matters to us so we can begin to drop what doesn’t enrich our lives and grow the stuff that does.

Philosophical recalibration.

(Click the link below to read a thoughtful article on this: Moral Bucket List )

Jarl and Steve

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Stressed? Turn It Around

Apr 19 2015

When you’re in the throes of a stressful moment, it’s hard to appreciate just how much of what you’re feeling is caused by your spin of the situation. It’s normal to experience moments in which you worry that your ability to handle what’s in front of you is beyond your resources. But being anxious doesn’t improve your ability to tackle what’s on your plate. Turning challenges around by viewing them as opportunities to function at a higher level does. After all, stressed spelled backwards is…


Jarl and Steve

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The Truth that Points to Now

Apr 18 2015

When you’re present, you’re actively engaged with what you’re doing right now. Your attention is focused on what’s happening in this moment rather than on what’s coming next. You’re not waiting to ‘really live’ until the perfect partner, job, house, friend or bank balance shows up. You understand that there won’t be an option to rewind and edit this part of your life later on. You know that this is it and there’s only one sane way to live it…

Give it all you’ve got.

Jarl and Steve

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