Please Don’t Feed the Negativity

Jul 02 2015

Do you have friends or family who love to complain about certain aspects of their lives? Though you probably want to help them through difficult times, it’s important not to encourage the habit of negativity. If they’re complaining unconsciously or just to get attention, nothing you say or do is likely to provide relief, because that’s not what they’re after. When you just hold the space without responding, they’ll either realize what they’re doing and stop or seek out someone else who will join them in the same vibration. Either way…

You’ll be relieved.

Jarl and Steve

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The Ultimate Competition

Jul 01 2015

Competition can inspire and motivate you to pursue excellence, but it can come at the cost of unnecessary, personal stress. Because people have such different backgrounds, belief systems and inherited strengths, basing your personal worth on how you measure up against others isn’t really an accurate or fair metric. When you’re doing what you love to do and want to share, inspiration and motivation are internally generated. Competition between your past performance and your present one has no downside. Every time you score in that game, it means…

You’re evolving.

Jarl and Steve

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Your Focus Creates

Jun 30 2015

There will always be contrast, conflict, constraint and challenge. Every aspect of your life can be perceived, categorized and responded to from many different vantage points. Each viewpoint you choose creates a different feeling and response. Fighting over what’s right is the same as two people on opposite sides of the planet arguing over whether it’s night or day. Both are correct, depending on where they’re standing. Learning to choose the perspective that makes you feel the way you want is how you master…

The art of living.

Jarl and Steve

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Your Internal Smile

Jun 29 2015

Sometimes life seems to go just right. Relationships are harmonious, work is easy and opportunities plentiful. When everything aligns in your external world, it’s easy to have a spring in your step and a smile. But how can you have that feeling when everything isn’t going so well? It takes practice! There’s the essential part of you that lies beneath your conditioning, achievements and identities. It loves all of life unconditionally and is eternally smiling because it knows that everything actually is perfect now. Sit still, go within, put a smile on your face…

And feel it.

Jarl and Steve

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The Witness Within

Jun 28 2015

Sometimes unwanted events leave you feeling battered, burdened and overwhelmed. But, theres a way to maintain stability and peace of mind even in the worst of times. It involves connecting with the ever present part of you that’s centered and balanced no matter what’s happening around you. It’s the aspect of you that observes life from a higher altitude. It understands that your essence is independent of external conditions. Regularly connecting with it through meditation helps separate what happens from who you are, so you remember that the real you is…

Just right.

Jarl and Steve

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Abandon Victimhood

Jun 27 2015

Being a victim means you allow the actions of others to define you and make you suffer. But even blatant attacks aren’t personal. How can this be? Even when others intend to hurt you, they’re reacting to their own biased story about who they perceive you to be, not the truth of who you are. Though you’ll never be able to control the tapes others play that cause them to act as they do, how you respond to them determines your quality of life. Remembering that everything is a projection really helps to…

Set you free.

Jarl and Steve

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Please Help Us

Jun 26 2015

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Jarl and Steve

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Jun 26 2015

Relationships provide rich grist for personal growth. Every difference of opinion gives you another opportunity to evolve. Each difficulty is a chance to look at your own conditioning to investigate why you’re getting stuck, what you’d like to be different and consider how you can make that happen by changing your own behavior and outlook. Do you need better boundaries? Are you overly critical? Are you controlling or feeling controlled? Are you stuck in the past? Taking an honest look at yourself and communicating kindly leads to deeper self-love, personal growth and a…

Better relationship.

Jarl and Steve




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Real Love

Jun 25 2015

Real love isn’t controlling. It supports others in being how they want to be rather than pressuring them into behaving the way we want them to. It isn’t possessive or jealous. It’s allowing and accepting. It doesn’t demand the fulfillment of a bargain because it’s unconditional. It smiles with appreciation and honors the true essence of others. But we can only genuinely feel love for anyone else when we feel that way about ourselves. When we unconditionally love and accept ourselves, we don’t seek it from the outside. We just want to…

Share it.

Jarl and Steve


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Sure Fire Happiness

Jun 24 2015

It’s easy to be happy when your health, relationships and career are going well. It’s much more challenging to maintain peace of mind when unwanted developments occur in these areas. But that’s exactly how growth happens. In order to evolve, things have to go a little out of balance so you can grow your way through the rough patches. Difficulties are opportunities to acknowledge your feelings and transform them. Temporary circumstances don’t define you, your attitude does. Keep your attention on the important things: You’re alive and…

Life is good.

Jarl and Steve

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Jun 23 2015

Complaining about others is a pointless pastime. It’s impossible to be aware of every single experience someone else has had, so it’s unlikely that we’re qualified to judge and proclaim the right course of action for them. We all have to walk our own path. If they haven’t come to understand the brilliance that we see in our own perspectives, it’s because what we opine isn’t relevant for them. Since the only behavior we can really change is our own, when we’re having problems with others, the sane thing to do is…

Change ourselves.

Jarl and Steve

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The Less Baggage the Better

Jun 22 2015

Traveling is easier when you have less luggage to carry. Relationships are lighter when you aren’t weighed down with baggage from the past. Letting go of old stories frees you to embrace what’s happening now with fresh curiosity. Traveling lightly through life requires a willingness to welcome each moment with an open mind and an accepting heart. The less trouble you carry from before, the happier you are…


Jarl and Steve

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Jun 21 2015

Do you have a problem right now? If it’s about the future, relax! All the information needed to determine the best course of action hasn’t yet come in. Trust that it will. If your problem is about something that happened in the past, let it go. If it could have gone down differently, it would have. Life always shows up the only way it can considering the choices that appear available. Forgive everyone involved. Problems that occur in the present moment are easy because they always come with their own…


Jarl and Steve

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The Best Trip

Jun 20 2015

The possibility of traveling to remote ends of the planet is a realistic proposition. You can climb the highest peaks, visit ancient temples, experience unchanged tropical rainforests and safari through the savannah. As entertaining as these journeys may be, none can compare with voyaging to the center of your being. That’s the only place you’ll ever go that can give you deep and lasting satisfaction, peace and joy. It requires only that you limit external distractions, quiet your mind and tune into yourself. The most marvelous journey you could ever take is available…

Right here and now.

Jarl and Steve

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Crises, Opportunities and Challenges

Jun 19 2015

Situations that are difficult, troublesome or dangerous are called crises. Events that test your abilities are called challenges. Circumstances that create more possibilities or options are characterized as opportunities. Each of these words can be used by different people to describe the very same situation. The words you use not only define how you handle what shows up, but how you feel while you’re going through it. Becoming aware of your conditioned style and modifying it with awareness can literally…

Change your life.

Jarl and Steve


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Where Worries Don’t Exist

Jun 18 2015

What seems relevant to you now won’t be for long. That’s why accomplishments aren’t that important. What really matters is how conscious you are. After basic needs are met, outer circumstances don’t determine your quality of life. You could be rich, famous and extremely unhappy or you could be broke, incognito and overflowing with joy. The more aware you are, the more you live in the present moment. The more present you are, the less worries you have. The less worries you have, the more you understand that happiness really is totally…

An inside job.

Jarl and Steve

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