Don’t Endure

Oct 25 2016

Endurance is a crucial characteristic when you’re trying to pursue excellence. But it doesn’t benefit you to endure people or situations that are out of harmony with who you want to be. Martyring yourself makes you unhappy and your energy unpleasant to be around. Eliminate the time you spend feeling drained by unhappy people and situations by excusing yourself kindly. If your primary mission is to be peaceful, joyful and helpful, promoting your own well-being puts you in a far better position to not only improve your state of mind, but the…

State of the world, too.

Steve and Jarl

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To Nourish or Neglect?

Oct 24 2016

What you cultivate and nourish grows. What you neglect and ignore shrinks. Applying this understanding to different aspects of your life can help you choose how to focus your energy. If you find something or someone stressful or anxiety-producing, give yourself some relief. Don’t believe that enduring emotional manipulation or abuse is a necessary step on the path to an improved future. It rarely gets better and life’s too short to go that route. If it’s not nurturing you now, refocus your attention and energy on cultivating something…

That is.

Steve and Jarl

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Don’t Worry, Be Happy

Oct 23 2016

This little aphorism may sound jejune, however, it’s actually very deep. Worry, stresses your body, lowers your energy and hampers creative thinking and problem solving. When you trust that future problems will come with solutions, you don’t expend valuable life force fretting over puzzles you don’t have the answers to. Next time you worry about the future, say “I’ve got this!” Then carry on with your life and open to the solutions flowing into your unclogged consciousness. If there’s a lag between the appearance of the problem and an obvious solution, be patient and remember…

Don’t worry.

Steve and Jarl

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The Best Is Yet to Come

Oct 22 2016

When you really believe that the best is yet to come, life just gets better and better. Alternatively, when you regret that you’ve missed the boat, it drains your energy and your enthusiasm. That’s because your thoughts not only affect how you feel, they send out energetic signals to the people and world around you which in turn assures that you attract those visions and feelings. Embodying a positive anticipation is such a powerful practice because it induces your subconscious mind to be on the lookout for more positive experiences. And that expands your…

Joy for life.

Steve and Jarl

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Oct 21 2016

According to Lao Tzu in the Tao Te Ching,

“The best leaders are those the people hardly know exist.
The next best is a leader who is loved and praised.
Next comes the one who is feared.
The worst one is the leader that is despised.

If you don’t trust the people,
they will become untrustworthy.

The best leaders value their words, and use them sparingly.
When they’ve accomplished their task
the people say, “Amazing:
we did it, all by ourselves!”

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Hold No Grudge

Oct 20 2016

Grudges Hurt You Most

Staying angry at someone for a perceived wrong is being neither kind to yourself nor wise. You are the one who carries the energy-draining weight of the grudge. Dropping it doesn’t mean you have to play with them, it just means you lose the burden. No one can behave better than their level of self-awareness allows. It’s likely that they were pursuing their own self-interest rather than intending you harm anyway. Next time you feel inclined to remain aggrieved, do yourself a favor and…

Let it go.

Steve and Jarl

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Angry at Yourself

Oct 19 2016

Take Responsibility

When you find yourself getting really mad at someone else, pause and ask yourself who you’re actually mad at. If you really look deeply you’ll most likely find that you’re angry at yourself for not paying attention to information that you knew all along but didn’t heed. You probably already suspected that they were capable of and even likely to behave that way. Rather than blame them or yourself, let it be a reminder to start trusting your instincts. Life generously provides us with gifts from which we…

Live and learn.

Steve and Jarl

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Don’t Wait for Perfection

Oct 18 2016

Don’t wait until everything is absolutely perfect before allowing yourself to enjoy life. Perfection is an illusive target. There will always be details that need working out. Your life is an ongoing project. What’s really worth pursuing is the ability to be comfortable and at peace in this moment. You do that by accepting that things are as they are temporarily and necessarily. Since your conception of perfection may not even bring the results you seek, learning to be happy in the midst of perceived imperfection is an art that makes you a…

Master at life.

Steve and Jarl 

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Be Real

Oct 17 2016

It’s liberating to be honest about who you really are. Trying to uphold a false identity just to look good drains your energy and disturbs your inner peace. The more you pretend, the more psychic bandwidth you use to keep the constructed story alive. Even if others don’t consciously know you’re fabricating a false image, they subconsciously detect it. On the other hand, when you show up authentically in alignment with your own truth, you’re light, easy and comfortable to be around. Since you never really can fool anyone anyway, you might as well enjoy…

Being real.

Steve and Jarl

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Healthy Choices

Oct 16 2016

Healthy bodies are more resilient when exposed to germs and disease. A balanced immune system maintains good health best. The same goes for psychic health. The ability to discern behavior that is potentially harmful to you is necessary to sustain good mental health. In the same way that a healthy immune system protects you from disease, a good attitude radar helps you know to steer clear of people who are prone to negativity and pessimism. Your well-being…

Depends on it.

Steve and Jarl 

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Take the Cues

Oct 15 2016

Inner Wisdom Spares Suffering

How many times have you looked back and realized you had a strong inkling things would turn out the way they did? When you learn to recognize the warning signs and heed your inner wisdom, you can avoid many unwanted situations. When you first get a clue that someone is playing from a different ethical or moral playbook, that’s the time to take action and distance yourself. Don’t fool yourself that they won’t act that way with you. Honor your wisdom, steer clear and move on to…

Higher ground. 

Steve and Jarl

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It Just Takes One

Oct 14 2016

When you find yourself caught in a familiar argument or drama with a friend, family member or mate, be the one to step up to higher ground by trying to find a resolve rather than prove who’s right and wrong. Stop the tug-a-war and just listen for a moment. Acknowledge their point of view and admit where you’re wrong. Let them know you really hear them and apologize, if necessary. Assure them that you’ll work on changing the dynamic. Your ego won’t like this at first, but when you model mature behavior…

You’ll love the results.

Steve and Jarl

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The Best Trip

Oct 14 2016

The Ultimate Destination is Within

The best trip you can take is the one inside yourself. It’s the only one that really makes a difference. If you ignore it, you really miss out. You can travel in luxury seeing the natural wonders of the world and not come close to experiencing the magic of going within. When you take time each day to quiet your mind and body and experience the spaciousness of who you truly are, you enjoy the greatest wealth a human being can possess…

Self awareness.

Steve and Jarl

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Communication Heals

Oct 13 2016

Communicate Lovingly

Even though nobody else is responsible for your happiness, we all do affect one another emotionally. When you’re negatively affected by someone’s behavior and you want them to know, don’t expect them to read your mind — tell them! Explain your feelings in a kind and loving way. Own responsibility for your interpretation and reaction. Different people have different reactions. They may not have meant it the way you took it. Even though feelings aren’t always accurate, they are valid and it’s okay to feel and share them. Just…

Do it lovingly.

Steve and Jarl

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Give Up the But

Oct 12 2016

Focus on What’s Right

Some people appear to have everything going for them and yet still seem to be unhappy. The reason for this is often quite simple: They take their good fortune for granted! They remain perpetually focused on what’s not working even if it’s only a tiny fraction of their experience. Their problem isn’t due to the proportion of good events versus bad ones, but rather where their focus lies. Learning to master the skill of focusing on what’s right raises the quality of your energy. That improves the quality of…


Steve and Jarl. 

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Doing Good

Oct 11 2016

Elevate Your Vibration

Even the most well-intended actions coming from the desire to help others can have unwanted consequences. Since you can rarely accurately see the BIG PICTURE, taking decisive action for change can sometimes inadvertently make matters worse. That’s why the most surefire way to do the most good is to work on yourself. That way, whatever you do carries a kind and compassionate energy that is totally consistent with your intention to increase good. When your vibration is clean, even if what you’re doing isn’t something that would conventionally be considered to benefit others… 

It will.

Steve and Jarl 

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