Enhancing the Workplace

Higher Productivity, Better Mood

Do you or your colleagues experience any of these feelings/attitudes at work?


Frustration * Powerlessness * Anger * Fatigue * Overwhelm * Stress * Anxiety * Injustice * Imbalance * Inefficiency * Hopelessness * Boredom * Fear * Exhaustion.

If so, consider requesting a customized workshop or online course with Gratitude 24/7. We have more than 10,000+ email subscribers, readers on the website, Facebook, Twitter, and online course takers and know our material works for people in many different walks of life. No matter where you live and what you do, these truths live across time and space:

  • Everyone wants and deserves to feel good.
  • You can feel good by understanding what makes you to feel the way you do.
  • Once this is clear, you can learn powerful, proven techniques that will help you improve your experience of life.
  • Developing a regular practice helps you dissolve the experience of disruptive drama in your life and realign your life so that peace of mind, balance and harmony become the norm.
  • Happier people are more productive, efficient, creative and pleasant to be around. 


Miscommunication, misunderstandings and clogged feelings cause disharmony and stress. Understanding how these dynamics arise at the workplace will make your professional endeavors more enjoyable and your entire team more effective.

If you want to heal or repair anything in your life, it’s crucial to understand the root of the problem. You must know what needs fixing and have the right tools and techniques to do it.

We have compiled a toolbox that not only helps you understand the what and why of disharmony, but also gives you effective tools to deal with these feelings and transform your experience in a loving and balanced way. These tools are based on four basic principles:
*The present moment is your point of power.

*Your thoughts create your experience of life.

*You can learn to change your thoughts.

*You can create the life you want to live.


When you begin to see the immediate results you get from making minor tweaks in your perspective, you’ll want to incorporate this new understanding into your life at work, socially and at home.

Gratitude 24/7 offers a variety of live workshops with Jarl and Steve and online courses that provide hands-on experiential learning that focus on developing life- enhancing skills.

Curriculum is always adapted to suit the specifics of your situation, ranging from introductory presentations to ongoing in-depth weekly, monthly or quarterly sessions. Any program can be combined with access to online classes that are tailored to your workplace.

Please contact us to discuss your needs and how we may assist you in developing a creative, happy and productive workplace.


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Thank you!

Steve and Jarl