When we make a practice out of appreciating what we have, something interesting starts to happen. Rather than chasing a never-ending train of desires, we begin to feel that we have enough. This feeling of fulfillment helps keep us more present because we enjoy what we have right now instead of looking to the future when we’ll finally have this or be that. Our relationships with others are sweetened and peace of mind becomes the norm in this amazing life we create…

Through gratitude.

Happy Thanksgiving! Today marks our 9th anniversary of writing these daily posts. We write them as a daily practice for ourselves and share them, in the hopes that you might find value in them as well. The more we all work to raise the vibration of our thought patterns by consciously acknowledging and feeling our real emotions rather than spinning, stuffing or denying them, the more at peace we’ll be. Imagine a world that’s full of peaceful, kind and compassionate beings!

With love and gratitude,

Jarl and Steve