Look For What’s Working

It’s energizing to focus on what’s going well in your life. Make a list of ten things you like about yourself and notice how good it feels. With the energy boost you get from focusing on what’s right even the things that aren’t tend to right...

Just For Fun

What if life is just for fun? Imagine getting to the end of your life and finding out that the whole purpose was just to enjoy it. Would you change anything now? Play time. Merci

Labor of Love

The reward for work is in the doing. Working for the joy of it requires no outside approval, increases the quality of your output, and enhances your mood. Life is good when work is play. Merci

No Reason At All

Setting and reaching goals is really satisfying. But don’t stress yourself out. You’ll enjoy the fruits of your labor more if you feel good. Since everything you do is aimed at making yourself feel good, just take a short cut and feel grateful right now...

The Big A

Everybody wants attention. You can go to great lengths to get it from the outside, but the only way to really feel it is to give it to yourself. Until you do, you won’t believe it, even if the whole world is applauding. Give yourself a hand and everyone else...