Who’s Behind Gratitude 24-7?

Gratitude Twenty Four Seven was created and is operated by Jarl Forsman and Steve Sekhon, a husband and wife team committed to growing their own lives through increasing self awareness and improving world by making resources available to others to do the same.

Jarl Forsman

Jarl ForsmanI grew up in a family with all the ingredients that characterize dysfunction. My fear of abandonment sent me into survival mode very early in life. By the time I was on my own, my internal state was on ‘high alert’.

On the outside I appeared to be joyful and happy, but inside I was anxiously awaiting the other shoe to drop. At the age of 21, I met my first teacher and began practicing the art of Tai Chi Chuan. This was the beginning of my journey on the path of healing. When I was 33, my 2nd mentor found me. He was an older man who had lived with Kahlil Gibran in his youth. An extremely gifted, natural born a healer, he was completely unassuming and yet possessed amazing powers of intuition and insight. In order to demonstrate to me what was going on inside my head, he hooked me up to a biofeedback machine. After applying the sensors to measure my brain activity, he informed me that the high-pitched screeching sound I was hearing indicated the frenzied nature of my brain activity. “I can’t get an accurate reading on you because the needle is going out of the gauge’s visible range. This is the rate of brain activity that people your age have strokes.” He told me. That certainly got my attention! Although I hadn’t told him, just a year before, my younger brother had suffered a debilitating stroke at the age of 25.

I took this very seriously and immediately got to work using the same techniques we present in the Inner Presence E-Course. Fortunately for me, I had his guidance and had already been practicing Tai Chi for several years. I’ve often thought that these two factors quite possibly saved me from the same fate as my brother.

I’ve found that there is no remedy as effective as becoming honest and loving with yourself and conscious of your habitual thought patterns. In my search for peace of mind, over the years I utilized a wide array of personal development techniques: meditation, psychotherapy, hypnotherapy, spiritual counseling, dream work, daily journal writing and personal inquiry. The remarkable results I experienced through these practices naturally led me to want share them with others. After years of teaching Tai Chi, stress management and creative visualization, in addition to maintaining a diverse counseling clientele of high profile judges, musicians, business people, artists, nurses, professors and students, I’ve confirmed again and again that these techniques are highly effective regardless of one’s background or occupation. It is with great pleasure and confidence that Steve and I have created this course to help you love life as much as we do.


Steve Sekhon

I came to study consciousness and personal development from a completely different angle than Jarl. I grew up in a stable family with both parents having a natural intellectual curiosity about consciousness. Though I was raised without a specific tradition, my mother’s interest in spirituality resulted in her moving to live in an ashram in India after I finished high school. Frequent visits to India, life long friendships with people in the ashram, attending extended meditation retreats throughout India and traveling alone around the world from the age of sixteen, helped to create in me a deep appreciation of how important and empowering it is to take personal responsibility for my own experience of life.

I draw from my earlier incarnation as an international urban planner when I worked in Cambodia, Bosnia-Herzogovina and Southern Sudan, all countries that had been ravaged by civil wars. These experiences helped me to realize that each person is fundamentally free to make choices regarding his own perception and interpretation of events. The way in which this is done has a profound impact on one’s life.

Now, after nearly 30 years of meditating, soul searching and personal inquiry, I’ve collaborated with Jarl to create a highly effective course that teaches others how to live happily, and fulfilled. Combining our understanding of psychology, metaphysics, the western mystical tradition and Eastern practices, we have synthesized essential components from each of these schools of thought into a coherent and meaningful approach to finding joy in life. Jarl and I have blended our experience and personal success at loving life into a powerful and empowering program to help you enjoy every beautiful aspect of your life as much as we do ours!