Ancient Hawaiian Technique

When you feel out of alignment with inner peace in any way, or have a judgment about yourself or others, try using the ancient Hawaiian technique of Ho’oponopono to realign yourself.

The technique involves first focusing on whatever it is you’re judging or having a problem with. Say to Yourself: “I’m sorry, forgive me, thank you, I love you”. “I’m sorry” acknowledges that you’re in the state you’re in because you aren’t in sync with reality. “Forgive me” asks your Inner Presence (the part of you that doesn’t have any problems) to forgive the egoic (separate or small) self for thinking thoughts which cause you distress. , “Thank you” expresses gratitude for the correction which can be made instantaneously simply by asking. “I love you” helps you to let go of judgment and affirms your self-love. Ho’oponopono practice reminds you that you are responsible for any feelings you have about the particular circumstances and, at the same time, it also allows you to substitute a positive mantra for a negative complaint.

The energy you radiate out into the world is a result of the thoughts you cultivate. Whether you’re judging yourself, a friend, or a world situation, your judgmental thoughts create an energetic vibration. When they’re negative, it makes you feel worse and aggravates the situation. That vibration radiates love and healing when your thoughts are loving.