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Surrendering Trumps Suffering

  • When you’re at the end of your rope

The Grace That Comes With Letting Go

  • Magic of Letting Go
  • Opening to the Grace of what is
  • Not having to figure it all out

Allowing Magic in Your Life 

  • Why not to get too attached
  • How to accept what happens in the moment
  • To deal peacefully with what shows up now
  • To realize that you may not be seeing the big picture

3 Ways to Improve Your Life Now

  • Don’t complain
  • Refrain from talking negatively about others
  • Focus on what you want, not on what you don’t

Create Your Life, Don’t React To It

  • Approach life from the perspective of creation
  • Consciously choose what you want and focus on the results
  • Allow your inner resources to take care of the rest

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