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Congratulations on taking decisive action to transform your life! You will soon receive an email which contains a copy of the information on this page. All of your lessons and downloads will be sequentially delivered to your Members Page each day of the course. A link to your Members Page as well as your username and password will be included in that email. You may also go to that page by clicking the link at the bottom of this page. You will be sent another email requesting you to confirm your enrollment in the course. Your confirmation allows you to receive updates about your course content.


You have now embarked upon the journey toward fulfillment!


It’s only a matter of time until you begin to notice positive changes materializing in your daily world. A sincere commitment is essential in order to get the most out of this process. The ultimate objective of this course is to help you align, connect and trust in the power of your own Inner Presence. This is one of the most powerful ways you can create positive and meaningful change in your life.


Gratitude Twenty Four Seven will be there with you every step of the way. You now have everything it takes to carry out this process successfully. If there’s any secret to enhancing your results, it’s regular and sustained daily practice.


You will benefit most when you’re fully engaged in this process for the entire 40-day period. Try your best to keep the practice going for 40 consecutive days. If you do miss a lesson, be sure to catch up the very next day.


As you dive into the work, be as sincere as you possibly can. When you commit yourself totally to the process, the prospect of experiencing dramatic transformation increases significantly. This opportunity is available to you and every human being on the planet. It only requires sustained practice.


What you will need for this e-course:       

•         10 minutes each day.

•         A notebook with at least 50 blank pages

•         A pen you like

•         A quiet place

•         A computer




The first step is making a commitment to your self. When you formally commit in your own handwriting, you imprint a strong message of intention on your subconscious mind. Copy the following 3-line commitment into your notebook, filling in the blanks appropriately.


Today, on this date: ____________,  I _______________ commit to spending 10 minutes a day on my transformation into Self-Acceptance, Love and Greater Well-being. _____________________________Signature


Create Your List

In the first email and lesson (which you may have already received), you will be asked to take a few moments to make a list of all of the ways in which you’re looking for change in your life, including the ways in which you don’t accept yourself. It’s important to identify what you want, so you’ll acknowledge transformation when it does come.

Items on your list could include relationships, your financial situation, an ingrown toenail, a chronic dissatisfaction with the way your body looks or even the way you feel about life in general. Include everything that comes to mind, both physical and emotional.

In making this list, be sure to answer the questions at the bottom of the first lesson (available to you right now) so you can establish a baseline from which you can measure your progress during the course. You will be asked to revisit these questions on day 10, 20, 30 and 40.


Summary of Instructions for Daily Practice:


Read the day’s introduction

Repeatedly read and review the declaration (in bold)

Write the date & the number of the day you’re on

Write the declaration in your own handwriting

Contemplate the meaning of it

Write a few sentences about what the declaration means to you


Detailed Instructions for Daily Practice


Each day, you’ll receive a new lesson with an introductory message and a declaration. Every declaration has been carefully formulated utilizing proven techniques from Ageless Wisdom. They’re designed to introduce you to your authentic, empowered Self, help you undo unhealthy habits of thinking that aren’t serving you, expand your beliefs about what’s possible and elevate your experience of life itself.


If at all possible, set aside the same time each day to do this work. It’s easier to maintain a consistent practice when you do it at a regularly appointed time. Read the introductory content and contemplate it for a moment. Then read the declaration and repeat it a few times. Read, review and think about it.


As you work on the statement, notice how it feels in your body. Relax into the essence of it. Make every effort to accept, understand and embody the meaning. Write it down in your notebook. Do not type it on a computer. Writing it down in your own handwriting affects your subconscious mind in a powerful way.


Be sure to write the date and the day you’re on above each entry. As you progress though the course, you’ll get an increasing sense of accomplishment and satisfaction. You’ll feel accomplishment because you’re keeping up a highly beneficial daily practice. Just sticking with something that you know is good for you sends a positive message to your subconscious mind.


You’ll feel satisfied because you’ll develop a deeper and more profound understanding of who you are and what makes your life work the way it does. And, of course, as you continue, you’ll become more and more aware of the positive benefits of the practice. After contemplating and writing down the declaration, add a few sentences about the changes you’re beginning to experience.


Expressing your understanding in your own words is a powerful exercise. Be sure to note any insights that come to you. Don’t worry about writing perfect prose. Write whatever arises naturally, especially the benefits you’re receiving from the course. It’s important to consciously acknowledge these benefits.


If you remember, review the declaration and your thoughts about it before going to sleep each night so they sink even more deeply into your subconscious mind while you sleep.


As you begin to strengthen your connection with your Inner Presence, issues may surface to your conscious mind. Don’t worry-this is a positive sign. You can be assured that these concerns are arising to allow you to let them go. Stick with the process and you’ll gain insight and wisdom into these areas of your life.


Be sure to pay attention and let new information in. You might have a deep realization that certain foods or activities are not particularly good for you. Pay attention to any information that comes to you that’s related to your intentions for your body, health and life. Your job is to pay attention, stay open minded and watch what shows up for you.


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See You in the Course!