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Be Happy NowWe LOVE Tiny Buddha! If you do too, we think you’ll get a lot out of Gratitude Twenty Four Seven. Even though your life is busy, you probably have a strong desire to stay balanced, fulfilled and happy.

The most important factor in happiness is being consciously aware of how you think. We’ve all spent much of our lives absorbing the predominant habits of our society without questioning them and picked up many that don’t serve us.


That’s why we created the ‘Free Daily Insights‘. They are short yet powerful messages,  focused on tuning your thinking and loving your life in every moment.

As a Tiny Buddha reader, just for signing up for the free Daily Insights, we’re offering a limited, 10-day 50% discount on our 40-day course about getting in touch with your Inner Presence called, “BE HAPPY NOW.”

 Daily Insights

for Tiny Buddha Readers

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What our Readers say about Daily Insights:

Your messages are simply beautiful and beautifully simple – they make my day. Thank you. ~ Elizabeth

I appreciate your messages about gratitude and counting our blessings daily. They helped me when I was in the middle of a very difficult time. I grabbed on to the idea ‘count your blessings daily’ and made it a habit. Now I do it every day when I wake up. ~ Mike

Thank you for these gems that are often so timely! I must admit that out of all of the messages I read — yours are truly the most satisfying, helpful and encouraging. They bring peace and comfort to my everyday life. ~ Nadine

You guys are the best! I often share your quotes with friends. I am so thankful that I found you. ~ Ina

These messages are changing me and I feel so much better. ~ Janet

I love these thoughtful daily messages, so full of encouragement. ~ Francine

I continue to be grateful that you inspire me with your wise reminders that are so wise.     ~ Kathy

Thank you so much for your inspirational words which are so beautifully put together.    ~ Carmel


6 ways Daily Insights will rock your world!

1. It’s a Simple Practice to Start Your Day Off Right.

The thoughts you think create your experience of life. When you develop the habit of right thinking, your life transforms.

2. Improve Your Experience of Life!

A daily practice of setting the right mental tone creates mental balance and happiness. 

3. Greater Self-Awareness and Empowerment

Taking control of your thinking is the most important step you can take to become empowered and self-actualized.

4. Say Goodbye to Victim Thinking

When you loose sight of the way in which you create your psychological and emotional experience, you forget that you are absolutely the creator of your own experience of life. 24/7?s daily reminders help you keep this understanding at the top of your mind so you don’t feel overwhelmed and helpless.

5. Connect with the Happiness Already Inside You

Babies are born happy, but they loose the perspective that allows them to exist in contentedness. Regain that ability by feeding yourself with this daily nourishment.

6. Help Us Improve the World One Person at a Time!

We believe that the only path to a better world is by changing ourselves. Do your part to make the world a better place by working on yourself. Start in the easiest way possible.

 Daily Insights

for Tiny Buddha Readers

We respect your email privacy

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Jarl and Steve, thank you! Your course has actually helped me more than 13 years of therapy! It truly made a difference in the way I relate to life.  

~ Michelle Healy

Dear Steve and Jarl,  We loved, loved, loved taking your course! We looked forward to waking up each day and listening to the exercises or doing the meditations together. We are so happy we decided to do it!

~ Joan and Richard Mickley

This course is really full of rich, useful material, you guys pack it in for a really low price –  thank you!

~ Peggy Roth

Thank you Gratitude Twenty Four Seven. I look forward to this practice every morning. It sets my day right. I’ve really gotten a handle on the meanie inside.

~ Mary Ellen Donald


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