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Group Workshops

Alignment * Common Purpose * Clarity = Balance * Excellence * Productivity *



EvaluationiCarry out a thorough evaluation of your mission statement, goals and objectives. Interview a representative cross-section of your organization to determine if it’s operating in alignment with its stated intentions.


Target you PoliciesConduct brainstorming sessions with leadership to review and clarify the essential values and goals of the organization and deliver recommendations to ensure they’re on target.


AlignmentCreate a strategy to bridge the gap between stated objectives and the reality. What tweaks in policies, procedures, attitudes and atmosphere will result in the successful realization of your goals?


Turn on the lightsGet buy-in from management, employees, workers and/or members that will promote a positive transformation in attitude, efficiency and effectiveness. When everybody clicks with this transformational process, it’s like a light coming on in a poorly lit room.


Giving and ReceivingPeriodically reassess the effectiveness of the process. Interview key players, revise recommendations as necessary and ensure an open channel of communication between different levels in the organization.


Repeat the ProcessA functioning feedback loop ensures the ability to make modifications, tune the plan and achieve even better results.


Growth and ImprovementWhen Everyone on your team is on the same page and feels a common purpose, you can’t help but play bigger and enjoy yourself more. There’s no better way to improve your game than getting your entire team in deep alignment with your goals and objectives. Once accomplished, it’s like the difference between a poorly tuned motor and a high performance race car. You’ll hardly recognize it.
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