Private Coaching with Jarl

Our personal happiness and well being doesn’t dependent on others. We each have the power to create fulfilling, enjoyable lives, if that’s what we want. All we need is the know-how and the courage to do what it takes. I can help you with the know-how. You have to supply the courage.

If you’re ready to experience greater love and self-acceptance, freer self-expression, satisfying relationships, success, peace of mind and more fun, AND you’re ready to really do what it takes to get there, I may be the perfect guide for you.

My experience in the field of personal transformation began over 40 years ago. A daily practice of Tai Chi, along with other forms of meditation and relentless self-inquiry has worked its magic on my life. I passionately love to share what I’ve discovered about living in peace, happiness and greater well-being.

Sessions are conducted in person or by telephone or Skype. The rate for a one hour session is $150. If you’re not quite ready to end the conversation, additional time can be added on a pro rata basis, if schedule permits. You can take advantage of a $100 discount by signing up for four sessions for $500.

Follow up questions by email are welcome at no additional charge.

Fee is payable prior to the session through Paypal, credit card or pop money. To set up a session in person or over the phone/skype, please fill out the info below.

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