Be Happy Now: Day Twenty

Love Your LifeThe key to fulfillment lies within you in the form of your Inner Presence. When you quiet your mind and connect with that part of yourself sincerely, it will keep your life on track. You now know the secret to a happy life. This part of you can satisfy every desire in a way that’s for your good – as long as you consistently keep your focus on what you want and refrain from engaging in fear-arousing, what-if scenarios that send mixed signals to your internal creator. Continue to stay aware of what you think and how you speak. Your Inner Presence is paying attention, just waiting to fulfill your requests.

Remember to open to your desires being fulfilled in ways you don’t expect. Visualize what you want and say to yourself, “This or something better for the highest purpose is manifesting in my life now.” It’s an effective way to acknowledge that your Inner Presence knows what’s best.

Declaration Number 20

Inner Presence has the capacity to bring about satisfying changes. My job is to focus attention on total well-being. I align my thoughts and words with my desires and let go of attachment to the results. I trust that positive changes are taking place in me now.


20-Day Check In


How are you feeling? You’ve already completed half of the course. You’ve probably noticed a consistent reiteration of the core message. This repetition is absolutely crucial to help you undo thinking and speaking habits that aren’t serving you. These changes will help you develop an intimate relationship with the powerful and positive Force within you.

Take a moment to note any additional changes you’ve observed. Go back to the list you created in the beginning of the course and the notes you made after you completed the first 10 days. Be sure to acknowledge any changes in mood, self-acceptance, habits or the way you look and feel. You’re being asked to do this because gradual progress sometimes goes unnoticed. Reviewing how you felt at the earlier stages helps you appreciate your growth now.

Remember, what you focus on expands. Expand your gratitude for your greater well-being, however significant it feels to you right now and you’ll ensure that the process will continue to be effective. 

What are your feelings about each of the following areas of your life? Jot down a few words with as little filtering as possible. The more honest you are, the more you will get out of this process.

  • Mood
  • Body
  • Health
  • Finances
  • Relationships
  • Other