Be Happy Now: Day Twenty Two

Love Your LifeYour thoughts and words create your feelings and emotions that in turn generate an energetic frequency. That frequency is like a station with a particular type of programming that you radiate to the entire world. When you understand how to adjust the quality of energy that you broadcast, you become the master of your life. This is the most powerful and important work you can do to improve your experience of life. Ask your Higher Mind to help align your thoughts, words and behavior to create a fulfilling outcome.

Be patient – thought patterns develop over a lifetime. Trust that new patterns are forming, even if the results are just starting to be visible to you. It’s essential to be vigilant about entertaining only those thoughts that you want to see manifest.

Your Inner Presence handles all requests with equal effectiveness, regardless of the order of magnitude. It only requires that you believe it is possible. Worrying about how things will happen can block your creative energy and take you out of the flow.


Declaration Number 22

I understand that the rich Presence within creates my life experience according to the instructions I give it through my thoughts and words. I carefully choose only those that are in alignment with what I want.


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