Be Happy Now: Day Twenty-Three

Love Your LifeYou are so much more complete and powerful than you realize. There is a quiet place inside you where no harm can be done and all your wishes can be fulfilled. When you locate your awareness there, you need no external condition to be happy. Your Inner Presence is always working behind the scenes to create the life you direct it to. Relax into the knowledge that you’re always loved and cared for. Trust that all of your requests are being answered for your highest good and keep your mind focused on gratitude rather than fear.

You deserve fulfillment simply because you’re alive. Your desires are gifts giving you direction on how to focus your attention. Open, let go of trying to control the results and gratefully receive whatever your Inner Presence brings to you.

If you feel like you have unfulfilled desires, consider that what is showing up in your life may be exactly what you’ve been asking for unconsciously through your most dominant thoughts. Your current experience of reality is simply an indication of what you’ve been focusing on. When you understand this, you’ll be motivated to change your focus and overcome what’s standing between where you are now and where you’d like to be.

The most powerful thing to know is that it’s only your thoughts and beliefs that are in the way of you having the exact experience of life that you want. Ask your Inner Presence to help bring your thoughts and beliefs into alignment with the way you want to feel inside and with what you want to experience in the world outside.



Declaration Number 23

My awareness that my Inner Presence supplies all my good is the wellspring of my emotional and physical well-being. Understanding this, my consciousness is filled with the light of truth. I now feel mentally, physically and spiritually balanced. I ask to be mentally and physically aligned with what I want in life.