Be Happy Now: Day Twenty-Seven

Love Your LifeYour experience of life is determined by your most dominant thoughts and beliefs. These are the by-products of the conditioning you’ve been exposed to every day of your life. Every, single one of the life experiences that you think of as contributing to who you are, has had an impact on how you perceive, interpret and interact with the world. As you become more aware of your current thoughts and beliefs, you begin to notice how they’re reflected back to you in your everyday experience of reality.

With this awareness, you become increasingly skilled at consciously changing the nature of your experience by changing your thoughts. Remember, your thoughts are the result of your interpretations which are no more true than any other interpretation. If yours doesn’t serve your life, change them.

One of the central techniques in empowering your self is learning to focus only on what you want to create. Try to avoid focusing your attention for too long on what you don’t like. If something shows up in your experience that you don’t want, acknowledge it and look for what it’s teaching you about your past thinking or behavior.

There is always something to be learned from this exercise. Remember, what shows up as your life circumstances are never out of alignment with your thoughts, words and beliefs. Once you recognize this truth you’re empowered to align your thinking, speaking and behavior with how you’d like your life to be. If you’re not sure what you actually want, ask your Inner Presence for guidance.



Declaration Number 27

Life constantly expresses itself according to my thoughts, words and actions. My job is to diligently focus upon what I like. I clarify and ask, let go and trust.


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