Be Happy Now: Day Twenty-One

Love Your LifeThe Presence within you knows best how to create what you want in order to make your life sing. With the cooperation of your conscious mind, it has the power to manifest everything necessary for your highest good. There is, however, an adjustment that is required on your part. You need to let go of the need for your desires to be fulfilled in the precise way you deem appropriate. This way you allow for, and open to the natural flow of creation. It also puts you in the proper frame of mind to perceive when the perfect thing for you shows up in an unexpected form

Remember that fulfillment is the feeling you’re really after. It doesn’t actually matter how it comes about. It’s crucial to make a distinction between the way you want to feel and what it is you think will make you feel that way. For instance, you may get what you think you want and discover that it doesn’t have the impact you thought it would.

Your Inner Sage knows best how to satisfy each desire in alignment with what you truly need to give you the feeling of fulfillment. The most important thing you can do is activate the feeling you want in your body, get out of the way and allow this intelligence to work its magic.



Declaration Number 21

I surrender the fulfillment of my desires to the intelligence of my Inner Presence. The more I align with this intelligence, the more self-accepting I become. This is the path to peace of mind and well-being.