Be Happy Now: Day Twenty-Nine

Love Your LifeYou can access the easiest and most effective path to fulfillment simply by tuning in to the tremendous power that’s already an integral part of you. And it’s available to you simply for the asking. Your Inner Presence is an ever-present ally ready to help you make progress in your life in whatever way you desire. It’s capable of bringing about your highest good when you know how to relate to it. By understanding the power of your habitual thoughts and the language you use, you can send the correct messages to this part of yourself. When you carefully choose beneficial words to talk about yourself, your life and the world, you will see marked changes in what shows up in your reality.

Though it may sometimes feel like the reason that things happen in your life is because you work so hard to achieve them, this is only partially true. It’s true that you can accomplish things by busily and diligently working to change them out there. But, even if circumstances out there change, it won’t necessarily result in you feeling differently about your life.

There’s a much more effective way to experience meaningful transformation: Visualize your success, feel it in your body, stay vigilantly aware of the thoughts you cultivate and the words you choose, let go of it showing up in the precise way you envision, and then allow circumstances to unfold without resistance.

You have begun the process of self-actualization. You are now on the path to authentic empowerment, greater self-love and acceptance. You’re coming into alignment with your highest good. Try to confidently believe in the truth of this idea and experience how it feels in your body as often as possible.


Declaration Number 29

When I surrender the conditions of my life to my Inner Presence, I feel relief. I allow the flow of creative energy to radiate in and through me. Health and balance are restored when I let go and allow.