Be Happy Now: Day Twenty-Four

Love Your LifeWhen you’re aware that the Presence within you is the source of your fulfillment, you establish a completely different relationship with reality. You recognize your pivotal role in how it is that you experience life. You understand that you have the power to bring yourself back to your natural state of well-being by opening to the guidance of your Inner Presence. Letting go of believing you should or even can control and orchestrate every detail of your existence is an enormous step of relief.

Learning to locate this higher intelligence within you and surrendering to that Presence will have a peaceful and calming effect. Think of how you want your life to be, and say: “This or something better for the highest purpose of all involved is manifesting in my life now.” Then feel and embody it.

Don’t be attached to fulfillment showing up in a particular manner. That way, you’ll be open and able to recognize what shows up even if it comes in a form different from your vision. Be attentive and look for useful information coming into your field of awareness in unexpected ways.


Declaration Number 24 

Through my conscious awareness of my Inner Presence, I embody the power to bring my life into alignment with my desires. My awareness of this power is the secret to thriving. I surrender all challenges to this Presence and open to greater self-love and acceptance.


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