Be Happy Now: Day Twenty-Five

Love Your LifeThere is endless love just waiting for you to allow it in. Learning to really root yourself in this understanding requires retraining because society has taught you that every bit of grace and abundance you experience must be earned. You are unlearning this illusory worldview by establishing a positive relationship with your Inner Presence. This will increase your awareness of its limitless power and prepare you to access it at will. The regular reinforcement of positive, new habits offered in these lessons will help you in this endeavor. Surrendering your challenges to your Inner Manager will empower it to bring you solutions that are beyond your imagination. Your job is to keep your vibration up.

When you let your Inner Presence guide you, your life will flow and you’ll relax into the knowledge that you’re cared for. This will yield a tremendous improvement in the way you feel…and look…and live.


Declaration Number 25

The source of my ideal life lies within me. I turn inward to find all solutions. My Inner Presence aligns me with self-acceptance, peace of mind and good health. I focus on how I want to feel. I am grateful.