Be Happy Now: Day Twenty-Eight

Love Your LifeThe most effective way to align your life with your dreams and desires is amazingly simple: declare what you want, feel it in your body, refrain from focusing on contradictory thoughts and then allow what you want to flow to you. Remind yourself that your Inner Presence listens to all your “I AM” statements so be careful not to speak about yourself in negative terms. Your Inner Presence is capable of tremendous healing. It only requires that you sincerely desire it without conflicting feelings or disbelief. It will supply you with any life experience that you identify with or give your attention to. This is why it is so important to be conscious of the thoughts you entertain and the words you use.

It’s crucial to develop the positive habit of focusing on what you actually want to experience. This course is helping you develop the power to consciously create your life on purpose.


Declaration Number 28

My awareness of my Inner Presence as the source of all my good is the power to heal me. When I choose consciously, it brings me into alignment with my desire for peace of mind and a thriving life.


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