Be Happy Now: Day Twelve

Love Your LifeThe most important part of this transformational process is getting in touch with your Inner Presence and learning to co-create with it. Becoming clear about how you want to feel is of the utmost importance. Embodying the feeling that you think you’ll feel when your desires are fulfilled gives your Inner Presence the blueprint. Surrendering your concerns, issues and dreams to that intelligence and becoming consciously aware of your thought patterns so you can keep your focus aligned with what you want, allows you to consciously co-create with your source of well-being. Developing the habit of relating to your Inner Presence in this way is tremendously powerful.

Society teaches you to look to your external environment for an explanation of why things are the way they are. You are now in the process of correcting that misunderstanding. You are modifying your beliefs to include an understanding of the awesome power you have over your own life experience.

Declaration Number 12

I understand that the rich Presence within me creates my life experience according to the directions I give it through my thoughts and words. I now ask for total well-being and self-acceptance. I surrender all results to my Inner Presence.


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