Be Happy Now: Day Two

Love Your LifeYou have the same ability as the flower to live your life naturally and peacefully in alignment with your true nature. The secret is to learn from the example of the flower. It’s only your thoughts and emotions that germinate dissatisfaction. Your body and emotions can go out of alignment when you unconsciously identify with untrue beliefs and feelings that convey a sense of unworthiness or inadequacy.

Any thought that says you are less than perfect is untrue. Everyone is on the leading edge of their particular conscious evolution and, in each moment, perfectly expressing the best they can. Understanding this brings compassion for yourself and for others. Thinking things should have happened differently than they did is arguing with reality and is fruitless. Hindsight is 20/20. What you see in each moment is informed by what happened in the past moment. In retrospect, you may see how things could have been done differently. But reality doesn’t get it wrong, no matter what your mind has to say about it after the fact.

Treat yourself and everyone in your life with love, understanding and compassion and you’ll notice the miraculous effect it has on your life. Cultivate supportive thoughts rather than ones that denigrate you. Use words that are in alignment with what you want.

The Universe is a giant feedback loop. When you put out even the smallest amount of positive energy, it comes back to you like a boomerang, with dividends. Whatever you give your attention to, you feed energetically. Focusing on what you like rather than on what you don’t is the key to positive transformation. Notice any tendency to create drama or focus on problems. It is crucial to become aware of your most dominant thoughts and see if they are actually what you want to see reflected back to you as your life.


Declaration Number 2

I understand that the Presence within me manages all my affairs. It creates my experience of life according to the directions I give it through my thoughts and words. I consciously choose to cultivate only those that are in alignment with what I want. I let go of drama that distracts me from my highest purpose and a peaceful life.


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