Be Happy Now: Day Thirty

Love Your LifeWhen you visualize and affirm the way you want to look, feel and be, you raise your vibration to a higher level than when you criticize and complain. Make a strong effort to catch yourself every time you’re about to say something less-than-flattering about yourself. You may have developed a habit of doing this to bond with your friends, draw a laugh from them, or perhaps as an unconscious strategy to be flattered by others as they disagree with your self-deprecating assessment of your attributes. Whatever the reason may be, it is vitally important to refrain from this kind of self-characterization. If you want to create good things in your life, it is essential that you don’t send mixed messages to your Inner Presence. Develop the habits that serve you – ones that are in complete alignment with how you want to feel about yourself and life.

Your visions, thoughts and words are messages you send to your Inner Manager. It wants you to be fulfilled. It takes instructions, not only from your words and thoughts, but from the moods, feelings and emotions that are created by them. Then it ensures that what you are focusing on shows up in your experience. Don’t spend time dwelling on what’s wrong. If you want to improve particular aspects of your life, think instead about the way you want those elements to be.

Getting into the habit of observing what’s working in your life will also positively affect your vibration. This gets you accustomed to enjoying an elevated vibration. Consequently, you will attract and notice more to be grateful for. Practice makes perfect.


Declaration Number 30

When I relax and trust in the infinite intelligence of my Inner Presence, I am pleased with the results. This greater mind knows exactly what I need for my ultimate fulfillment.


30 Day Check In


Congratulations! You have now completed three-quarters of this course. You have a solid understanding of how important it is to consciously maintain thought and speech patterns that serve you and help you develop an intimate relationship with your Inner Presence.

Please take a brief moment to write down details about the transformation you’ve experienced. Revisit the lists you created in the beginning of the course, after 10 days and after 20 days. The importance of noting any changes in mood, self-acceptance, long time habits or the way you feel cannot be overemphasized.

Remember to focus on

•         Acknowledging your progress

•         Feeling the gains you’ve made

•         Getting used to success

•         Expanding your gratitude for greater well-being

•         Continuing to grow & evolve in ways that you didn’t think possible.

What are your feelings about each of the following areas of your life? Jot down a few words with as little filtering as possible. The more unfiltered your responses, the more significant the impact.

  • Mood
  • Body
  • Health
  • Finances
  • Relationships
  • Other