Be Happy Now: Day Three

Love Your LifeDesires originate from your Inner Presence in order to help you continue to evolve. They are gifts giving you direction. They are pure in their original form. However, usually without your conscious awareness, the moment the desire arises, your ego hijacks it and begins to interpret, strategize and assign limitations based on your psychological and emotional wounds. Try to catch this dynamic at work.

The way to tell the difference between pure desires and the false interpretations that come from your conditioned self is to determine whether they are motivated by fear or by love.

Desires arise out of love and cause no pain for anyone involved. Fear creates false interpretations that are often blind reactions propelled by self-concern with little regard for others. When a desire seems to be a reaction to fear or involves causing pain for another, an effective way to deal with it is to simply ask your Inner Presence (your witness) to bring fulfillment of the desire to you in its original form. Be prepared to receive in whatever way it comes. You won’t regret it.

Turn the desire over to your Inner Presence and ask for fulfillment for the highest purpose of all involved. Drop the strategies and stories and let go of attachment to the results.

Remember, keeping your mind focused on what you’d like to see happen keeps your vibration in alignment with positive transformation and true fulfillment. Prepare to accept the way things turn out, even if it’s not what you imagined or expected. When you really trust in your Inner Presence, your desires are free to manifest for the highest purpose. You’ll be amazed at how your Inner Presence perfectly and effortlessly organizes your affairs better than you could have ever imagined. When the fulfillment of your desires comes in its purified form, your life flows.


Declaration Number 3

 My awareness that the Inner Presence fulfills my desires is the wellspring of my emotional and physical health. When I understand this, my consciousness is filled with the light of truth and I feel healthy and balanced. I let go of attachment to results and ask for the highest purpose for all involved. I ease into the gentle flow of a life lived authentically in alignment with the wisdom of my Inner Presence.