Be Happy Now: Day Thirty-Two

Love Your LifeYour thoughts create a vibration, which determines the details and quality of your life experience. When you remember this, you will have a powerful perspective from which to create your life, as you want it to be. The substance of creation may be a mystery, but the mechanism is clear. Align your thoughts, words and actions so they’re consistent with the way you want to feel and your Inner Presence will ensure that what shows up in your life is consistent with it. If you send mixed messages to your Higher Mind, then that’s what shows up in your life in the form of unwanted problems, preoccupations and people. If you focus on gratitude all the time, what’s reflected to you in your life experience is even more for which to feel grateful.

The key to creating the life you want is maintaining a discerning and active awareness of your thought patterns. Just feeling grateful will bring great results. When you do have a strong wish or desire, surrender it to your Inner Presence and let go of the outcome. Keep a watchful eye out for old habits that keep you focusing on things you don’t like, find distasteful or make you feel bad. When you keep those elements in your conscious awareness, your Inner Presence takes it as a sign that you want more of the same. Discipline your mind to maintain a focus on what you’d like to see and you will be satisfied with the results. This is a powerful technique that recalibrates the vibration that you emit to the Universe.


Declaration Number 32

I practice keeping my attention on healthy and positive outcomes. My Inner Presence receives the clear message of my intention. This or something better for the highest purpose of all involved is manifesting in my life now.


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