Be Happy Now: Day Thirty-Three

Love Your LifeYour Inner Presence responds to your desire for health, well-being, self-love and acceptance. Just realizing this is enough to make you feel good. Rest assured that you have not embarked upon the journey of life without assistance. Relax, keep your mind on what you love and would like to create and allow your ideal life to flow into existence. Eliminate any feeling of resistance. When you place your attention on ideas and objects that you don’t appreciate, you block the birth of what you do want. When you keep your attention on gratitude, it’s significance increases in your life. It’s not magic it’s the law: What you focus on expands. Expect it.

When you acknowledge that your requests have been answered, you attract more bounty. Your very appreciation and gratitude make you a magnet for more of what you want to experience and feel in your life.


Declaration Number 33

My expectation of good health and well-being creates a vibration that fulfills that expectation. I look forward with confidence to the perfect realization of the highest purpose for my health and happiness.