Be Happy Now: Day Thirty-Six

Love Your LifeIt’s normal to want to control every detail of your life, but it’s not very effective. There will always be circumstances that are beyond your power to influence or change. The only way to really feel good about your life is to accept what is happening in the moment as reality, and then put your intention on seeing how it is for you. If the moment presents something pleasant, be grateful. If not, look for what it’s telling you about yourself. Whether it’s for you in the sense of giving pleasure or for you by showing you where you are resisting or thinking out of alignment with your desire for well-being, the gift is always right there in the present moment. The more energy you put into feeling the way you want to feel, the more that will be your experience of life.

By consistently cultivating thoughts of gratitude, you align yourself with your aspirations for health, happiness and well-being. Your Higher Mind is constantly following your vibration and aligning you with whatever is the best match. Love and gratitude have the best vibration. Try to focus on what you love and feel grateful for, and your life will continue to reflect those feelings back to you. 


Declaration Number 36

When I look to my Inner Presence for guidance, I am always led to right action. The perfect information, teachers and resources show up to help bring my life into alignment with my highest good.


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