Be Happy Now: Day Thirty-Seven

Love Your LifeYour thoughts and words are the only things in life you need to control. They create your feelings and the vibration you emanate out into the world. Leave the rest of the work to your Inner Presence. Clearly decide how you want to feel and surrender your strategies. Look for and trust in the guidance you receive. Your ability to hear your Inner Guide grows as you practice paying attention. When you look for how what shows up in your life is for you, you create a self-reinforcing positive feedback loop that results in a happier and more fulfilling life experience.

Healthy tendencies develop as a natural by-product of this practice. This is dramatically different from forcing yourself to comply with a strict program recommended by some outside authority.

Your Inner Guide is the most informed expert you’ll ever get to know. The new habits that you’re developing in this course will help you to realize results that are in alignment with what you seek. What you want is on the way. Continue to let go and let your Inner Presence handle your affairs.

Declaration Number 37

Everyday I become more masterful at releasing worry and tension. I am confident in allowing my Inner Presence to show me the way to effortless health and self-acceptance. I listen for clues, follow through, expect success and let go of attachment to results.