Be Happy Now: Day Thirty-One

Love Your LifeYou don’t have to worry about the mechanics of how you will achieve better health and greater well-being. Your job is to maintain the most positive images you possibly can about you and your life. You are being repeatedly reminded to keep your thoughts on what you want and like for a very good reason. It is the open secret of transformation. If you don’t change your thinking, you can’t change how you feel about your life. When you deeply comprehend that your habitual thoughts are literally instructions you’re sending to your higher mind, you will naturally become more diligent about thinking with awareness and intention.

Be at ease knowing that your Inner Presence provides everything you need. Understand that you are part of the energy of the Universe. Embrace your role as an active co-creator of your life experience by focusing on what you are grateful for now and on what you’d like to create in the future. Imagine that what you desire is already a reality and allow the feeling that accompanies that thought to flow in to your experience. This is the essence of creation.


Declaration Number 31

I co-create my life with my Inner Presence. I know I will receive what I ask for. I ask for my highest purpose to unfold. My Inner Presence knows what that is.


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