Be Happy Now: Day Thirty-Nine

Love Your LifeBy now you should be comfortable with the idea that the most powerful course of action you can take to improve your experience of life is to eliminate your negative thoughts and surrender challenges to your Inner Presence. Be vigilant about consistently focusing your attention on what is going well. When something appears that is unwanted, try to find the lesson. How is this experience for you? How can it help you to evolve yourself? Don’t waste a moment of time regretting that things are the way they are. Every thing in existence contributed to making this moment exactly as it is. It is already a fact. It is the truth of the NOW. How you respond to this moment is the chief determinant of what your next moment will feel like. Even the most difficult situations contain within them kernels of positivity. Look for those elements and keep your mind focused on other parts of your life that are going well.

When something shows up that you are not happy with, don’t ignore it. Acknowledge it, feel your feelings regarding the situation and then shift your attention to what you’d like to see and feel about it. Get the feeling of satisfaction in your body and allow your Inner Presence to bring about your fulfillment in whatever way is best for you. Let go of attachment to the results. This is the only way to guarantee long-term success.


Declaration Number 39

The more I surrender challenges to my Inner Presence, the better the results. I experience total self-love and acceptance by gratefully yielding control and allowing my Inner Presence to transform my life.


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