Be Happy Now: Day Thirty-Four

Love Your LifeWhether consciously or unconsciously, just like every other human on the planet, you are creating your own reality. You determine your experience of life by the way you interpret what’s happening in your field of awareness, moment by moment. As Shakespeare said, “There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so.” Until you’re aware of this, most of your interpretations are based on unconscious conditioning. When you become conscious, you’re free to choose your interpretations based on what will serve and bring more love into your life.

Your interpretations are the blue prints your Inner Presence uses to decipher what you want in life. When you realize that you are co-creating, you have unlimited power. Your Inner Presence is a part of you who is listening for directions or requests for guidance from you, whichever you choose.

This Inner Sage knows what will truly fulfill you. Information and inklings that come from this part of you don’t come from fear, which makes them easy to recognize. This course is helping you to learn to recognize the difference between what comes from your Inner Presence and what comes from your ego, out of fear. Once you can make this distinction, you’ll be able to see that what shows up, is often exactly what you need.

Declaration Number 34

All transformation begins within. As I recognize the capacity of my Inner Presence to align me with my highest good, I effortlessly enjoy self-acceptance, inner peace and balance.


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