Be Happy Now: Day Thirty-Five

Love Your LifeNow that you know the Truth about how to create a life of fulfillment and joy, you can give up all your old strategies. The key to your well-being and happiness lies in your very awareness of and surrender to your Inner Presence. Make no mistake, this is a method to empower you to take control of your experience of life. It’s a simple matter of getting in touch with the part of you that’s always ready to answer your requests. You know what’s required to continue to improve your vibration and elevate the quality of your existence. Whatever you say, after the words “I AM” is acted upon by your Inner Presence, so choose your words carefully.

Keep your mind on what you want and refrain from venturing into negativity. Thinking critically of yourself or anyone else will have an unwanted impact on your life, so don’t do it. Keep your thinking in alignment with what you want and your Inner Presence will bring about the outcome you desire. Or, quite possibly, something even better.


Declaration Number 35

Surrendering all of my physical and emotional challenges to my Inner Guide is the only way to affect lasting and positive change in my life. I joyfully surrender and allow my Guide to transform my life for the highest purpose.