Be Happy Now: Day Thirty-Eight

Love Your LifeBy now, it’s likely that you’ve noticed a difference in the way you feel about your life. It’s of the utmost importance that you continue to reinforce the positive practices you have begun to develop here. Focusing on what you want in addition to developing a stronger relationship with your Inner Presence, will ensure that you become more aligned with healthy choices. You will feel better about yourself. You’ll have a growing sense of the truth that everything that happens in your life really is for you. It may seem difficult to embody this approach with some experiences, but the more you practice, the more you see it. It will increasingly become your predominant perspective about your life and you will not be able to help but feel better and be happier.

Your work is to continue to support the intelligence of your Inner Presence by keeping your thoughts and words aligned with what you want. Turn over the responsibility for the details to your Higher Self. Trust that this process will satisfy you, and it will.

Declaration Number 38

True satisfaction comes from inner peace. Rather than trying to control the external world, I focus my energy on embodying total self-acceptance.


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