Be Happy Now: Day Thirteen

Love Your LifeThe incredible force within you consists of the same stuff that makes up the entire universe. At the most basic level, everything is energy. Freewill consists of your ability to consciously co-create the circumstances of your life. Your thoughts and words comprise the energetic blueprints you offer to your Inner Presence, who works through you to act on every intention you place your mental energy on. This presence within or witness has no preferences or biases. It exists to experience life through you as you wish. However, it has power beyond your imagination and will help you evolve in quantum leaps when you are ready. Your job is to get ready.

There are many levels of transformation. The most important is how you feel about yourself and your life. When you identify with your Inner Presence rather than the fearful conditioned self, you feel safe and comfortable. The natural outcome of this process is that your life begins to flow. When you lack trust, you feel insecure, vulnerable and unsupported. When the world feels like a dangerous place, life can be full of painful experiences. Awareness of the truth that you are cared for, will set you free.


Declaration Number 13

My awareness that my Inner Presence supplies all my good creates my emotional and physical health. When I understand this, my consciousness is filled with the light of truth and I am in total self-acceptance.