Be Happy Now: Day Ten

Love Your LifeYou may find it difficult to change your opinion about your life if you’re not happy with the way you feel about it right now. It may seem as if you’re being asked to pretend that something is perfect even when it doesn’t seem that way to you. This is not the case. What you’re actually being asked to do, is place your focus on what you want rather than on what has been created in ignorance. Of course, do this only after you’ve acknowledged and felt the discomfort of ‘what is’. You are not trying to stifle or deny the reality of how you feel. You’re developing new habits that will support you in getting into alignment with your wishes.


Your thought habits are the result of your conditioning. You’re not to blame for creating these less-than-satisfying conditions in your life. Your conditioning has developed over the course of a lifetime without your awareness. Change is possible now because you’ve become conscious of how to co-create your life on purpose. Transformation of your body, health and life is the job of your Inner Presence. It’s your constant companion. Let go of needing to (or thinking you can) control every detail of your life and surrender to the truth of who you are.


Declaration Number 10

 Only Inner Presence has the capacity to bring about the changes I desire in their purest form. My job is to focus attention on my well-being, keep my thoughts and words aligned with my desires and let go of attachment to the results. I trust that positive changes are taking place in me now.


10-Day Check-In


Congratulations, you’ve now completed one-fourth of this course. Using the questions below as a guide, take note of any changes you’ve observed. Review the list you created on the first day of this course. Acknowledge even the slightest improvements in mood, self-acceptance, habits or the way you look and feel. Gradual progress can go unnoticed without checking back to see the way you felt at the beginning of the process. Make sure to give yourself credit for growth and transformation.


Your diary of the positive changes you notice can be as simple as noting that you’ve naturally cut down on the consumption of unhealthy foods. Perhaps you’ve noticed an improvement in an important relationship, come across new information regarding the treatment of a physical ailment or noticed a habit has changed. Look for results and you’ll find them.


When you feel the positive delight of alignment with greater well-being, you accelerate the process of transformation. You might notice that a condition has become worse. Don’t worry if you feel you’re not making progress. In order to heal or transform, it’s sometimes necessary to deepen your awareness of the situation so you can see more clearly what is actually in the way of total well-being.


Ask your Inner Presence to give you deeper insight. Then create an intention to get into alignment with the healing of that issue. Gratitude for your successes, even small ones, leads to greater success. Remember, what you focus on expands. Expand your gratitude for the greater well-being you’ve already created and you’ll positively reinforce your progress.


What are your feelings about each of the following areas of your life? Jot down a few words with as little filtering as possible. The more honest you are, the more you will get out of this process.

  • Mood
  • Body
  • Health
  • Finances
  • Relationships
  • Other