Be Happy Now: Day Sixteen

Love Your LifeAs you deepen the connection with your Inner Presence, you’ll naturally become more willing to release attachment to your preconceived ideas about how your life should be unfolding. When you keep your vibration in alignment with how you want to feel, you’ll open to the natural flow of life. Conscious awareness of your inner dialogue is key. This process will require a bit of sustained effort since you’ve been unconsciously programming yourself for most of your life.

The method you are repeatedly being encouraged to use in this course is teaching you to replace all the unconscious conditioning that isn’t serving you with a conscious effort to co-create your life by turning to your Inner Presence for guidance.

Surrendering the specific details to your Inner Presence gives you more confidence. As you do this you’ll find yourself relaxing. The more you relax, the more you can let go and trust and allow life to unfold perfectly for you. The more you let go, the more success you’ll enjoy and on and on and on…Your experience of life will just keep getting better and better.


Declaration Number 16

When I surrender challenges to my Inner Presence, I am always led to right action. It brings my body and emotions into alignment with my strongest desires in their purest form for the highest purpose.


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