Be Happy Now: Day Six

Love Your LifeThe infinite capacity of universal energy naturally responds to every signal you give it. The reason you exist as a totally unique human being is so that your Inner Presence can have the experience of you. You are far more than the limited part you’re identified with. Remember, your Inner Presence is tapped into the same energy that makes a bud flower. It aligns your life according to the directions you give it through your thoughts and words so it can experience the world uniquely, as you. This is how you co-create.

Focus on allowing your Inner Presence to bring your life into perfect well-being. Surrender. Allow it to serve you the way you allow your breath to support you – naturally and effortlessly. It will put your thoughts and actions into alignment with your highest good. All you have to do is ask, follow any guidance you receive and let go of needing the results to show up the way you think they should.


Declaration Number 6

When I surrender challenges to my Inner Presence, I am always led to right action. When I ask and let go of attachment to the results, my desires are answered for the highest purpose of all involved. And I receive joyfully.


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