Be Happy Now: Day Seventeen

Love Your LifeYou are a powerful broadcasting system. Your thoughts and words constantly create a frequency that is received by the entire Universe. Whether you realize it or not, you are in continuous communication with other people and all of life through your energetic emissions. If you want a high quality life, it is imperative to learn how to consciously radiate high quality energy. What you put out, is what you receive back. When you train yourself to think thoughts that are in alignment with your highest good, your life reflects it.

Life is for you. You are supported. All calls are answered. The more trust you have in your ability to be fulfilled, the easier it is to radiate confidence and joy. Choose what you’d like to see in your life, feel the joy of your attainment, and then let go of the results. Releasing your attachment to the outcome is a central part of this process. Your Inner Presence will hear your call and align you with the fulfillment you seek.


Declaration Number 17

The energy of the Universe constantly expresses itself according to my thoughts, words and actions. My job is to be diligent and declare only what I want. I choose what I desire, visualize success and let go of the outcome. I trust that the highest purpose is unfolding for me.