Be Happy Now: Day One

Love Your LifeThere’s an energizing force that animates everything in the Universe. It’s the force that transforms a bud into an exquisite flower, a caterpillar into a beautiful butterfly and a seed into a gigantic tree. This same force animates you. Just as it knows how to make a flower bloom, it knows how to beat your heart and digest your food. You don’t have to remember to pump your blood any more than a flower has to remember to open. It just happens.

The difference between you and the flower is: the flower doesn’t have emotions and stories that cause it to stress itself out or get in the way of it’s perfect unfolding. Because it can’t self-reflect, it doesn’t judge or compare itself to other flowers. It’s free to shine.

Feelings of unworthiness caused by well-meaning yet unconscious caretakers with erroneous beliefs may have left you with feelings and attitudes that prevent you from experiencing and expressing your beauty and perfection. Thoughts and words that aren’t in alignment with your greatest good may get in the way of your ability to blossom fully.

The energizing force is the witness within you. It observes your life through your eyes, lovingly and without attachment. It doesn’t distinguish between right and wrong or good and bad. That’s your job, your free will. It listens to the quality of your thoughts, desires and words and then gives you what you ask for. Whether it’s a stressful thought or one of gratitude, this force takes its clues from your most dominant thoughts and feelings, then manifests your world accordingly.

Because it loves you so much it gives you exactly what you want. If you ask and listen for guidance, it will give that to you as well. It will take care of your perfect flowering if you do as the flower does…trust and let it. Acknowledging and understanding this truth is key to your authentic well-being.


Declaration Number 1

My awareness of the Presence within me is the true source of my well-being. I am now aware of this truth. I open to the guidance of my Inner Presence and allow it to bring me into alignment with my perfect unfolding.


Baseline Perspective on your Life

Hopefully you’ve already completed your list. If you haven’t, please take a moment to do it now in your notebook so you can refer to it on Day 10, 20, 30 & 40. Describe your feelings about each of the following areas of your life. Jot down a few words about every aspect of your life that you can think of. Try to filter as little as possible. The more honest you are with yourself, the more you’ll get out of this process.


  • Mood

  • Body

  • Health

  • Finances

  • Relationships

  • Other