Be Happy Now: Day Nineteen

Love Your LifeThe Presence within can provide you with all you need. Just your awareness of this capacity increases your ability to take advantage of it. The practice of recognizing this power helps to undo the false notion that the only way to ‘get things done’ is by moving matter in the material world. Change always begins in your mind. Everything is energy.¬†Until you change the quality of the energy of your thinking you will continue to create the same results. When you eliminate negative thoughts and words from your life and trust in the power of your Inner Presence, you take a big step on the path to finding fulfillment and peace of mind.

Help your Inner Presence create the right experience for you by training your mind to only cultivate thoughts and words that are in alignment with what you want. Then trust and let go of attachment to results. That is, don’t spend energy fearing that it won’t happen the way you want it to or think that it should.


Declaration Number 19

I am fulfilled through my awareness of the Presence within me. I allow the flow of creative energy to radiate in and through me. I now welcome peace of mind, body and spirit.