Be Happy Now: Day Nine

Love Your LifeYour Inner Presence is capable of bringing you peace of mind and the life of your dreams. Your real job is to drop the stories you have about why you can’t have the life you want. Allow gratitude in your field of awareness right now. Understand that just the act of focusing your attention on what you appreciate will have a significant impact on your life. Don’t concern yourself with how your life will align with your dreams, your Inner Presence knows best and will take care of the details.

Just being aware of this mechanism is deeply fulfilling because you now realize that you have the power to live life however you want. Give yourself permission and surrender your desires to your Inner Presence.

Open to and act in alignment with this understanding. Allow yourself to feel positive and then turn the rest over to your Inner Guide for the highest purpose.


Declaration Number 9

When I am aware of the power within me as the Source of all I desire, I am fulfilled. It is my awareness that fulfills me. I allow the flow of Creative Energy to radiate in and through me. I now welcome total peace in body, mind and spirit.