Be Happy Now: Day Fourteen

Love Your LifeYou create a vibratory frequency by continuously cultivating thoughts of a specific nature. That frequency carries with it certain expectations of health and well-being and sets the tone for your overall experience of life. Your job is to create the kind of frequency that aligns you with your desires by choosing your thoughts and words consciously. While this task is fairly simple, the process of reprogramming long-standing habits that don’t serve you requires effort, repetition and commitment.

You are now clearing old programming that has held you in its hypnotic spell. You are replacing it with healthy, conscious intentions that are based on what you want for your life.

Remember it is crucial to avoid negative self-talk. When a train of thoughts characterized by fear and negativity enters the station of your mind, don’t get on it. Instead, just notice the quality of these thoughts and the feelings they create. Then surrender the process to your Inner Conductor and ask for a healing. Be confident that you are drawing perfect health and well-being into your life.


Declaration Number 14

Through my conscious awareness of my Inner Presence, I embody the power to accept and balance myself physically and emotionally. My awareness of this power within me is the key to my well-being.

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