Be Happy Now: Day Four

Love Your Life Your thoughts determine the way you feel about your life. One of the main objectives of this course is to teach you to cultivate thoughts that serve and align you with your highest purpose. You may be in the habit of thinking thoughts that negatively affect your life. When you fully understand how deeply you’re influenced by your mental diet, you’ll choose to feed yourself with nourishing thoughts. Just like different foods can nourish or harm you, so too can your thoughts and words.

No matter what condition your life is in now, you can choose to love and appreciate it. Getting conscious of the way you habitually think and acknowledging the effect it’s having on your life is the only way to affect permanent and healthy change. Be grateful for your life, just as it is right now.

Your Inner Presence will respond positively to your conscious thoughts and align your life accordingly. Think of what you want and then addressing your Inner Presence say, “This or something better for the highest purpose of all involved is manifesting in my life now.” Your Inner Presence knows your highest purpose far better than your limited mind does. Let go and trust.


Declaration Number 4

Through my conscious awareness of my Inner Presence, I embody the power to live the life of my dreams. My trust in this power is the source of my health and well-being. My job is to keep my thoughts aligned with my desire for a life of fulfillment. I surrender the “how” to my Inner Presence and expect the “wow!”. I open to the magic in life.


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