Be Happy Now: Day Forty

Love Your LifeYou now understand that you have a central role to play in the co-creation of your body, health and life. Your role is to consistently keep your thoughts on gratitude and imagine and feel the life you want to live. Nothing you can do is more important or effective than remaining conscious of the instructions you give to your Inner Presence through thoughts, words and actions. Keep in mind that you are correcting deeply engrained habits. Be patient. Don’t criticize yourself if you slip back into those old habits. Just make a commitment to continue to consistently keep your attention on what you want and how everything in life is for you.

By now you know that you’re responsible for creating your own experience of life. The vibration you embody not only determines how you feel emotionally, but how the outside world responds to you. By focusing your awareness on what you want and surrendering the outcome to this Presence, you ensure that you’re traveling on the sure path to fulfillment.


Declaration Number 40

As positive changes continue to take place in me, I focus on my connection with my Inner Presence. I know this connection is the key to self-acceptance, self-love, and peace of mind. Gratitude is the best medicine and I am grateful.


Final Check In

Congratulations! You have successfully begun the process of genuine transformation. Revisit the list of the desired changes you wrote at each stage of this process. Take inventory of the positive transformation that has occurred. Remember to acknowledge every success as this will help to carry the process into the future.

What are your feelings about each of the following areas of your life? Jot down a few words with as little filtering as possible. The more honest you are, the more you will get out of this process.

  • Mood
  • Body
  • Health
  • Finances
  • Relationships
  • Other


Continue to cultivate the connection between your conscious mind and your Inner Presence. You have been diligently working to change old habits and empower yourself. Carry on with the good work. You are firmly established on the path to healthier mind, body and spirit through self-love and acceptance.

Remember you can now repeat this course for free as many times as you like. To enhance and deepen your relationship with your Inner Presence more fully, consider starting the 40-day program over again at least two more times. 120 days of daily practice will seat you firmly in this perspective, help to completely transform unhealthy habits and develop new practices that involve keeping your thoughts and words in alignment with your true desires.

Remember, your relationship with your Inner Presence is the most important one in your life. With this understanding and continued practice, you truly can expect miracles.


Love and Light,


Jarl and Steve (a.k.a. Merci Gracia)