Be Happy Now: Day Five

Love Your LifeFocusing on what’s wrong with your life and trying to correct it may yield results. But these results are slow and rarely last. When you’re paying attention to what you don’t want, results have to be short-lived for one very simple reason: What you focus on expands. When you pay attention to what you don’t want, you energize it. When you turn your attention to what you do want, you energize that. Your Inner Presence will give you what it thinks you want, even if it’s not good for you. This is your freewill in action. Your thoughts and words are like requests to your Inner Presence. It always delivers what you ask for. You’ve heard the saying: “Be careful what you ask for, you might get it.”  The truth is, you will create whatever you spend enough time focusing your attention on.

You are now developing the self-awareness you need to begin to consciously transform your life in a positive way. When you trust in your higher intelligence and surrender by asking, listening and following the guidance it gives, you won’t be disappointed.


Declaration Number 5

 My awareness of the Inner Presence is the source of my well-being. When I ask for the highest purpose to manifest, this Presence aligns me with everything I truly need. I open to satisfaction and fulfillment.