Be Happy Now: Day Fifteen

Love Your LifeThe way to achieve sustainable transformation in your life is to change your internal perspective. It is only after you become aware of it and understand that your limiting beliefs are preventing your satisfaction in life that you have the power and know-how to transform them. Becoming conscious of your habits of thought and speech gives you a clear picture of the beliefs that are holding you back. When you see that your beliefs are what’s really running your life, you’re more inclined to challenge them.

Trying to change the behavior of other people to fit your preferences is a futile undertaking. At any moment in time, there is an equal amount of good and bad in the world. It’s the necessary balance of yin/yang that enables you to discern between what you like and don’t like.

When you work to change yourself internally, you’ll see the world change around you. This is true with any discord or disharmony you encounter in your life.

Remember to focus your attention on what you like and how you’d like to feel about life in order to give the clearest message to your Inner Presence about what you want in your future. Ask your Inner Presence for the change you’d like to see. This is a powerful practice to align you with what you want. Stay open and expect to be pleasantly surprised about what it brings. Think big.


Declaration Number 15

I am now aligning mentally, emotionally and physically with my ideal health and well-being. It is my awareness of the Presence within and my commitment to stay conscious of my thoughts that brings me peace and appreciation for my life.