Be Happy Now: Day Eighteen

Love Your LifeNurture and enhance the understanding that you don’t need to be perfect or have what you consider to be the ideal life in order to be happy. You can accept yourself and your circumstances just as they are. As a matter of fact, you must accept your circumstances as they are in order for them to change. According to a Universal Law: “What you resist, persists.” While the actual circumstances may change, without changing your energy, you will simply attract other situations with similar characteristics. When you’re focused on dissatisfaction, your energy is drained and your options seem limited. This doesn’t mean you should deny what’s happening or how you feel about it. Accepting something doesn’t mean you want it to remain as it is. It just means you are acknowledging the reality of it. After acknowledging it, it’s crucial to open to the possibility that it will change into what you want. This can give you a sense of peace and joy.

As you begin to accept yourself and your circumstances, you’ll feel progressively better. When you feel better, you’ll naturally attract and open to even more positive experiences and transformation. Appreciation and gratitude both radiate frequencies that create more for which to feel grateful. The capacity of your Inner Presence to transform and heal your life is as unlimited as your ability to believe and trust that it’s possible.


Declaration Number 18

Peace of mind is mine when I surrender and expect the best. Knowing that my Inner Presence is the source of all my good gives me the power to heal and embody total self-acceptance.

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