Be Happy Now: Day Eight

Love Your LifeThe Universe is loving and supportive. It facilitates you in satisfying desires that match your frequency. It’s your birthright to choose how you want to feel and be. The way to create with intention is to imagine what you think will bring the fulfillment you want and then ask your Inner Presence to bring it or something better for the highest purpose of all involved. If you’re not sure what would bring fulfillment, ask for guidance. Your Inner Presence is just waiting for you to ask.

When you unconditionally love and accept yourself, no matter what choices you’ve made in the past, you develop a vibration that allows you to blossom in alignment with your authentic desires.

Because what you resist persists, the first step in transformation is to accept what is, as it is right now. Spending time fighting reality, is futile. The one thing that is constant is change, so you don’t have to worry that life will stay the same – it never does.

The second step is to design your intention for total fulfillment. Get a mental picture of what you think would bring about continued enjoyment and feel it in your body. This sends a message to your Inner Presence that you’re expecting the best and that you’re not fearful that you won’t get the result you want. Letting go of the need for fulfillment to happen exactly as you imagine actually enhances the likelihood that it will happen.

Declaration Number 8

My awareness of my Inner Presence as the source of all my good is the power to heal my erroneous beliefs about myself and bring me into total well-being. What I deeply desire is possible when I ask my Inner Presence for fulfillment. I let go and allow without resistance.


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