Be Happy Course Details

Be Happy Now E-Course: Synopsis




Part 1

1. Meet your Inner Presence.

2. Learn the importance of cultivating supportive thoughts.

3. Understand that you feed whatever you focus on with energy.

4. Become conscious that thoughts create emotions and can nourish or harm you.

5. Learn the magic of right focus to create the life you want.

6. Learn to focus on your authentic self for wellbeing.

7. Learn how to tune into the right frequency.

8. Learn the secret to transformation.

9. Eliminate fear and access peace of mind.

10. Develop new habits & learn to let go of attachment to results.



Part 2

11. Learn to listen for clues.

12. Surrender your concerns and dreams to your inner presence.

13. Learn to consciously co-create your life in flow.

14. Learn how to cultivate health and wellbeing.

15. Transform your internal perspective.

16. Deepen the connection with your Inner Presence

17. Understand that everything in life is for you.

18. Enhance your ability to heal and feel self-acceptance by learning to trust.

19. Deepen your awareness of the supportive energy within you.

20. Keep your focus on what you want.



Be Happy Now E-Course