Be Happy Now: Day Eleven

Love Your LifeYour thoughts, words and beliefs determine your experience of life. If you’re not loving your experience, look to see where your limited beliefs and ideas are holding you back. All desires are meant to come to fruition. Remember desires come from your Inner Presence, the part of you who also knows how to bring them about. Your limited perspective (ego) may be preventing you from believing in the possibility of fulfillment. When this is the case, ask your Inner Presence to show you what steps to take to bring success.

Listen for any clues that guide you to take action. No matter what issues are blocking your satisfaction, your Inner Presence can show you the way. You just have to open to seeing differently. Be willing to let go of a prejudice or a belief that says you can’t have or do or be what you want. Sometimes the remedies are so incredibly simple that it’s likely you overlooked them and sometimes so unbelievable that you wouldn’t dare to even consider them.

Nothing is too difficult for your Inner Presence. Your openness to receiving is the only gate to unlock. Let go of your idea of how it should look, and get into the feeling of total satisfaction. Underneath your idea of how a desire should be fulfilled is the pure desire. Open to receiving in it’s pure form.

It is possible to heal almost any emotional imbalance or physical ailment. But you must believe it’s possible. Remember, the key is to accept what is happening, as it is, and then ask your Inner Presence for healing. Ask, believing and you shall receive. If you don’t notice improvement, don’t blame yourself. It doesn’t mean you are doing something wrong. Continue to tune in to your Inner Presence and continue to ask for greater clarity and insight. You might find that healing means something very different than you expected.


Declaration Number 11

My awareness of the Presence within me is the source of my health and well-being. I now allow my Inner Presence to align me with my highest purpose, greatest health, total self-acceptance and fulfillment.


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